Valley Nordkapp Sectional Looks Good In Livingroom

It's very hard for me to see if this is Marcus's lovely new Valley Nordkapp, fresh from Nottingham, U.K. in 2009.  It is a stunner.  A three-piece kayak is pretty--particularly the Nordkapp--even if it is dry and on wooden floor.  The storage capabilities of a sectional boat cannot be underscopred adequately.  This image was take from the website.  This kayak, stickers and all, looks expedition ready. I dig those foam ends that protect the bulkheads and bolts.  Ingenuity at its finest.


  1. Anonymous17:18

    That is a fine looking boat, Steve!! I need to meet up with Marcus when he returns from expeditioning this time around. (Patagonia?) However, that said, maybe it is the wood floor that is being protected - not the kayak!! Those bolts would scrape and scar their way across that fine floor and be none the worse for wear!! LOL


  2. Good point, my friend. With the foam, the sections can be stacked upright on the wooden floor. And thanks for sharing the email from Peter Orton. Sounds like GRO goofed when they convinced you not to order a sectinoal in carb Kev. And I feel better that my boat's not going to fall apart anytime soon. And I can paddle The Bitches in it and potentially stay dry.

    You need a sectional, OCD-Kayaker. At least one. Keep your eyes peeled. Or email me if you're visiting the in-law in Chicago and we can still swing a deal on the Nordkapp three-piece (just like Marcus's above, only blue deck and white hull. Sweet!

  3. It's a BUMMER he had to leave this boat in Terre Del Fuego (Argentina?)..I hope either he gets it back or gives one of us an exact location!

    But then, I think he mentioned that he has a new one on order as we speak..he goes through boats almost as fast as me!!! lol We are trying to get him to come up and present to us at Connyak in the next month or so on his expedition so will ask him! Scott

  4. Anonymous09:56

    Location of Kayak:

    S 54 38' 63
    W 65 25' 37

    Caleta Falsa, Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina, appr 100 Miles from the closest road ...