Bicycle Skewers

I am wondering if a simple yet effective compromise between bolts, that require a wrench and gaskets, and clips, that are external to the hull, would be bike-type skewers. These are used on bike tires, seat posts, and come in all sizes. Using a Valley style bulkhead set-up, they could be put in the bulkhead holes instead of bolts and nuts, tightened, and when the lever is closed for that last little push, they are really rock solid. At least on a bike. Hmmm.

I think, before changing out the bolts, I will see if 17 mm wing nuts will hold. They might just be hand-tight enough, especially if the wing is large enough to get a great purchase by hand. WOuld be ideal to at least have spares for those "oh-oh" moments when the wrench falls into the lake.


  1. Anonymous14:06

    I think the bike skewers are an excellent idea with maybe some wide enough washers on them so the strain is spread out a little bit more. Cool.

    I am contemplating turning my 28lb hybrid kayak into a sectional too, just so you know! (might make it too heavy though - maybe 35lbs..) ;-)

    Scott L

    1. Erik Wannee15:12

      On my Valley Aleut II, I used this system. I did not use the small bicycle skewers but cam levers with 10 mm thick bolts on them, just the same diameter as the original bolts had. They work great, and together with knob nuts on the other side I don't need any tools at all.

  2. Scott L: That is a great twist, to add washers (could add several if teh skewer is longer than the double bulkhead to take up the space)--the larger the better--to fan out the pressure.

    I think you shold cut up your kayak and make a segmented or sectional kayak out of it. The 1991 article is very important for that purpose as it details a guy that did it step by step. I see someone on eBay selling the Summer 1991 issue for $14.95 US dollars! If you want the article, I can photocopy it and mail it to you for...oh, I don't know...maybe $10.50.

    Just email me if you do, brother Scott L.

  3. Anonymous11:04

    Hi Steve!

    Sure, maybe scan them as jpg files and then email them as attachments...

    is that legal?

    Oh yeah, it is between kayaking brothers!

    BTW - the only other worry would be that gear or other stuff might snag on those long handles while you paddle bumpy water - possibly releasing them too. I might suggest a way to hook the handle to a spot on the hull/bulkhead to keep it from being accidently released too. Just a thought!


    1. Erik Wannee15:18

      You are right. On my kayak I have this system, and I always take care that the luggage (waterproof bags) is turned with the round side towards those handles, so that there is nothing to snag on them. But even if a handle would release, it would only give way 1-2 millimeters; the connection will stay working and the kayak will still stay intact.

  4. Anonymous13:37

    I have no scanner, but if you email me your address, I'd US Mail them to you immediately, Scott.

    Yes, the release could be an issue, but the ones in the foot area of cockpit are likely safe. I always thought the external clips like NDK uses are really vulnerable to weeds and fishing line and stuff. CK1