Sea Kayaker Magazine: DIY Article 1991

In 1991, "Sea Kayaker" Magazine run a DIY workshop portraying the efforts of a handy kayaker from New Jersey who converted his Valley Nordkapp HM into a 3 piece kayak by the means of a band saw, and then put it back together with amazing results by using the described Valley method.

The extremely handy and ingenious kayaker and author is Steven J. Szarawarski, who wrote the article "You can take it with you: Making your own kayak a take-apart", as published in Sea Kayaker Magazine issue 29, Summer 1991, starting on page 56.

--this informative description is courtesy of Marcus Demuth.


  1. Erik Johnsson00:47

    Great! I have sent Sea Kayaker my back issue order.
    Thanks for all great blogg entries lately

  2. Erik: sounds like you have a good head about you. As I recall fromthis 1991 article, it is quite detailed about how he went about the cutting and fitting. I am honest when I say that you may end up with the lightest sectional kayak on record, and that might be one of your goals. I don't think the Guinness Book of World Records would acknowledge such a feat, but I certainly would on this web blog. And others would give you internet praise, I feel certain. Proceed, brother Erik.