Sea Kayaker Feb 2009: Take-Apart Stitch-Glue Kayak


Highly recommended article is in Sea Kayaker Magazine (back issues $4.95 plus shipping) entitled: Divide and Conquer - A Take-Apart Stitch and Glue Kayak, by Mark D. Johnson.
"A kayak you'd like to paddle isn't always one that you can store or transport easily. Building a take-apart from a kayak kit made a 22-foot double a good fit for a condo dweller."--Mark Johnson.
Great pictures, neat article of the complete build of this tandem kayak. Even a photo of it on his Murano roof. Note that he takes a regular non-sectional kit and makes it into a two-piece (not three piece) kayak.

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  1. Would anyone know what model of kayak kit he used? it wasn't specified in the article