Sectional Manufacturers: Rockpool, Valley, et cetera

If the Rockpools on the van were sectionals, they'd be inside the van! The boats on the beach are a Rockpool Alaw Bach and a Valley Nordkapp (far).

There are only a few kayak manufacturers that make sectional sea kayaks, and they are typically special order for an upcharge of $800-$1200 US Dollars. The work that goes into making a sectional is considerable, including extra glass, double bulkheads, bolts or clips.
Rockpool Kayak
Valley Sea Kayak
Nigel Dennis Kayak (NDK)
These are the only big name sea kayaking companies that make sectionals, that I am aware.
Nimbus Kayak
Waterford Kayak (Japan)
These are smaller sectional kayak makers,but I have never seen one or heard from anyone that owns one of these boats.
If you know of other manufacturers, or in particular own a sectional sea kayak, please do contact me.


  1. Hello,
    no idea about USA but in Italy (Europe) you can have good sectional kayaks from Qajaq ( and from CS Canoe (
    Ciao from Italy

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