Valley 2002 Argonaut

The advertisement read: Argonaut by Valley Canoe Products (2002). 17'8" x 22.5". Compass; Skeg; Compact 50 Pump; New Reflective Deck lines; Expedition Keel Strip; 3 piece sectional (takapart) modification by Valley – bolted together with new Stainless Steel Hardware and gaskets.
The Valley Argonaut is now the Valley Aquanuat HV.

I was fortunate to find a take-apart sea kayak for sale in my state, and negotiated a purchase and picked it up today in my conversion van. It has a rock solid build, and it looks clean and good. I am anxious to hit the bathroom scale with it--this used boat from 2002 has about every weight adding faeture you could imagine on a boat: fiberglass (back when fiberglass was still super heavy), a compass, a built-in pump, skeg and cable. It even has a keel strip. I will be weighing this boat before I get a hernia and will post the results here for all to have a chuckle.

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